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Author Ricardo Trinidad has many interests, but he loves working with today’s youth. As an outcome of that, he has written several books that anyone, including first-time job seekers and those looking to improve their health will find appealing. Click below for more information on these powerful books.

123 Got My Job

123 Got My Job is the Number One Book on how to get the job of your dreams. This book cannot help you get a job as a brain surgeon when you have never been to medical school. 1-2-3 Got My Job will give you the tools to go knocking on doors and find work that is fulfilling, interesting, and rewarding.

Today's Inspired Leader Vol.3

Spun with inspiration, priceless wisdom, and humor, the Today’s Inspired Leader book series is a collection of stories that depicts men and women at their best—achieving success, learning from failures, and finding the path to a life of significance within their work, families, and communities.


Healing, by WordPOWER book series, a new initiative by Fig Factor Media, brings together 12 authors and 12 powerful words to create 12 meaningful books. Each book is compiled of short anecdotes, personal messages, quotes, and unique thoughts that represent each word from the author.


Get in touch with Ricardo at +1 (312) 296-8328 or fill out the form below.