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Awakening the Youth

Entrepreneur. Author. Mentor.

My name is Ricardo Trinidad and I am committed to improving the lives of young people. I remember my humble beginnings and learning what it takes to make Dreams Come True. I have a wealth of experience,  including  Entrepreneur, Published Author who loves the arts. A lifelong musician, and CEO of Telcom & Data. I am a Cancer Survivor and I am driven to make every moment count.

Most of ALL, I want to Inspire, Motivate, and Mentor Today’s Youth, to help them Heal, to open their eyes, so they Believe in Themselves and discover that they, too, can Dream Big and Reach Their Goals.

About Ricardo

Ricardo Trinidad is a visionary entrepreneur in the telecommunications field with over twenty years of experience. As CEO, he has developed, trained, and supported many talented young people, helping them achieve their highest potential.

To stay current within an ever-changing technology ecosystem, Ricardo has constantly searched for the most relevant solutions and trends for his clients, keeping his telecommunications firm at the top of its game.

Ricardo is the creator of BasketSoul. Through a variety of fun camps and healing methods he has experienced himself, Ricardo aims to facilitate activities that awaken young people to see all the possibilities and dream of a better future.


A program developed to reach disenfranchised youth in a way that resonates with them and guides them down the path to healing and success.


As an author, Ricardo has written three books on the topics of healing, career advice for the new generation, and what it means to be a leader.


Ricardo speaks on topics relevant to today’s youth, career advice, and helping adults navigate the ever-changing world in order to give their children the guidance they need.


Get in touch with Ricardo at +1 (312) 296-8328 or fill out the form below.