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Ricardo Trinidad is a visionary entrepreneur in the telecommunications field with over twenty years of experience. As CEO, he has developed, trained, and supported many talented young people, helping them achieve their highest potential.

To stay current within an ever-changing technology ecosystem, Ricardo has constantly searched for the most relevant solutions and trends for his clients, keeping his telecommunications firm at the top of its game.

Ricardo has been recognized as an entrepreneur, artist, and mentor. As a cancer survivor, Ricardo believes in various healing methods to achieve alignment of the mind, body, and spirit.

His mission to awaken the youth–to help them set and work toward big dreams–stems from his upbringing and beating the odds to achieve success. He sees potential in the future of every young person who is willing to work hard and achieve their highest potential.

Ricardo is full of pride and stories about the young men and women he has had the privilege of helping. Here he shares two of them:

Let me tell you about Lizette. She is great. My time with her began at a party where her teacher stopped me to say she had someone she believed would be an excellent candidate to work for me.

We hired her while she was still in high school at the time. She learned how to add products and descriptions to our website utilizing SEO so Google would index it and customers would be able to find them quickly and easily understand what the product did.

Lizette worked for us throughout high school and became so adept that she trained others who came into the program. After high school, she came on board full time and attended college part-time. Upon graduation, she moved up and took on a new position.

She is a great example of what can happen when you bring on a young person, give them the proper training, and let them run with it. She headed it up for a long time and did a great job. She was responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

Years before Lizette, in 1998, when the internet was starting to catch on, a student we had hired to refurbish telephones told me I needed a website, a way to get my products discovered by more people. I asked him how he would do that, and he said he was learning it at school, so I asked him to build one for me. He grinned and said he would need a raise when he finished, and I had to laugh and agree.

I still remember the first order we got from our website—from a hotel in the Bahamas. He found a way for us to “knock” on their door, something we couldn’t have done before.

This shows that as much as we work to mentor and help our youth, they influence us and make a difference in our lives and businesses as well. It is fulfilling to see our young men and women discover they can achieve anything they dream of.


Get in touch with Ricardo at +1 (312) 296-8328 or fill out the form below.